Getting on

It’s a Sunday morning and I’m sitting in my newly rearranged living room trying to decide how to spend my day. I KNOW how I SHOULD spend it, and I sure as hell know how I’d LIKE to spend it, and hopefully I can find a compromise that fills the needs of both!

We didn’t get Amelia this weekend and that always makes for somewhat of a letdown- if nothing else, a boring weekend. She’s spending time at Grandma Judy’s house and I guess we Jeren called me Friday and was in a bit of a “rent mess” and wondered if we could help him out. Yes I could – but to tell the truth, it was a case of, we’d rather be late for something than let him down. He is the only one who pays attention to me although in truth, I’d help any of them out  – except maybe Jas – she has done way too much, told way too many lies, costed me and Ira more than she’ll ever know,  and had too many chances for me to make amends at the drop of a hat.

But enough of that. Today is not for looking back – I have far too much to decide and to do.  Here is my list.

  • I want a griddle – making pancakes is too hard in a pan. I know a griddle will help me produce mouth-watering and healthy breakfasts. So shopping for a griddle is on my list.
  • I need to do laundry – my pinks are getting low and this is definitly a weekend job.
  • I need to vacuum – Anabelle’s shedding and there is hair all over the place.
  • I need to fix my Toshiba – it got shut off in the middle of MS updates and now doesn’t recognize the system drive.
  • I need to get my information off the above mentioned Toshiba – my holiday card address have not been transferred to my new laptop.
  • I need to dance to the new Grease Dance game that Ira bought me.
  • I need to read my Google Analytics book for work – add to that my WordPress and Joomla books.
  • I need to walk the dogs.

That’s it so far. So let’s get on with my day.

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