Lots of things on my mind

IMG_6833cThere’s so much on my mind now that the April showers have brought us May flowers. Last weekend Amelia and I planted some pretty pink flowers in our little gardens, added bright red mulch to the bed on the side of the garage and pulled out all the weeds. Our decorations are out and the patio furniture is washed and arranged.

The back still needs some outside furniture, but I haven’t found anything I like, or that’s within my budget. I wanna be able to sit down with my laptop or iPad while the dogs run around and whatever else they do. Summer’s are so short in Minnesota and I intend to take advantage of every single moment of it this year. It’s all I thought about this past winter when it was so cold and miserable outside!

But summer isn’t the only thing on my mind. Papa John will be here in just over a week and at the same time, Ira’s going to be home for two whole weeks. Dealing with those two Glassberg boys will no doubt give me lots of things to write about although finding the time to do it might prove a challenge.

Speaking of family, Mister Melvin is really coming along. He has learned to sit, stay, come, heel and leave it. I’m able to walk him on my usual route and he’s not dragging me all over the place either. I’m so proud of him – we are now working on teaching him to shake his paw when asked. Other things are looking up too. He and Chanel have become the best of friends despite Mr. B. Jun’s distaste of him – we’re still working on that. Hopefully Papa John can help – Mr. B. Jun seems to listen to him for some reason. Ira says it’s because they’re both alike.

My last news is the most awesome and exciting. Jeren and Lauren are having another baby and the due date is the beginning of September! Brooklynn is going to have a little brother and I’m going to have another child to call me Grandma. Who could ask for anything more! I have so much planning to do and I’m sure the time is going to race by.

Like I said, I have lots of things on my mind.

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