Bam! I’ve got this!

So I’m back – or so it seems, until someone decides to hack my website again. I’ve been off-line and the hassle of getting back up and running took way more time than I had. I don’t get why people get off on something so senseless and mean. But there’s a lot of things I just don’t get and probably never will.

I realized today that really can’t be called a website – more so a collection of a few pages that detail parts of my life and memorialize others. To me it is more because it has helped me retain my sanity when nothing else would.

Pink is an attitude

I’ve been journaling online since 1996. Perhaps I’ll go back and start posting updates from that year and others following – what a ride it’s been and while some people have friends, or pets or someone they’ve shared their ups and downs with, for me, for all these years, it’s been my journal.

My journal has resided on many different platforms, and had many different looks. But the one thread that’s never changed, is that it’s been about me and love and/or my obsession with pink. I’t’s not just a color – it’s an attitude and it’s mine.

Amelia is home for ten straight days and I’m pretty excited about it. She arrived Friday and we spent the evening having a low-key dinner of hot dogs, chips and Mexican corn. We watched the last episode of Orange is the New Black and then went to bed. Saturday her and Ira went boating with Uncle Mike, Erica and the kids and I stayed home working on an art project for Papa Dan.

Today, Ira leaves and Amelia and I are going to see Finding Dory. The rest of the week is pretty much full with 4th of July celebrations with the Koritz’s and latter week activities with Grandma Susan. The exception is Tuesday – we will have an entire day together to do whatever we want. For me, it’ll be the highlight of her ten-day stay with us.

Don’t worry! I’ll post!

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Too pure to be pink?
Coco Chanel
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