I feel like I’m going with it.

pieces1The world is going crazy and I feel like I’m going with it. Destruction and hate crimes are taking place everywhere.

Last week Alton Sterling was shot by police in what should have been a routine disturbance call. He had been selling CDs on a corner where he had done so for several years. A homeless man approached him, asking for money and when he wouldn’t go away Sterling threatened him with a gun.

The homeless man called police and minutes later Sterling lay dead. Videos of the confrontation between him and the police immediately appeared on social media sites and people were angered at his senseless death and treatment by police, who by all appearances, had no reason to shoot him.

A day later in St. Paul, just minutes away from where we live, another death occurred. Police pulled over Philando Castile in what should have been a routine traffic stop – a tail light was out. As in the case of Sterling, minutes later Castile lay dying, still seat-belted and riddled with five bullets as his girlfriend, in disbelief and fear, streamed live on Facebook, what was going on at that time. Castile’s unfortunate death was actually captured on video while people watched in horror. She continued to record even after being handcuffed and put into the back seat of a police car with her four-year-old daughter.

The aftermath that followed is just as tragic. Just one day after the death of Castile, Micah Johnson, 25 year-old Dallas native, drove to a #Blacklivesmatter protest, singled out white police officers and began shooting. The result was chilling. Johnson, an Iraq war veteran retaliating for the deaths of the two black men by white police officers, was eventually killed, but only after killing five policemen and injuring six more along with two civilians. Across America protesters continued to attack police officers in an attempt to retaliate for the deaths of Sterling and Castile.

Last night alone, over 100 people were arrested locally in a peaceful protest that turned violent toward police. There’s no doubt that racial profiling has taken a new and violent twist, but innocent people are paying the price for the wrongs of others.

I would not like to be black and driving around anywhere in America today; nor would I want to be a white cop either. This has got to end before more lives are lost.

The world is going crazy and I feel like I’m going with it.

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  • Stay away from the news for a while. Edges are raw and bleeding. The world is full of good news, but no one wants to hear it, so their is no value in the media letting you know.

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