Does it really make a difference?

Today I saw an article about the recent shooting in Munich, Germany. The writer penned, “It appears the shooter was a deranged person and not an ISIS terrorist.” Are we now categorizing types of killers and does it really make a difference what their motive is? I was sick at heart when I read it. These are terrible times and it scares me to think of what kind of world we’re leaving our children.

And I understand the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement – but really – we are all targeted at one time or another – either by one’s profession, color, gender, identity or religion or ethnicity. I get it – some more than others. But in the end, we all matter. Why is that such a hard concept to understand?  Yet from the beginning of time greed or anger have blurred the lines of what is good and kind, and what is not and I don’t understand the thought process by which some people feel their lives are more important than someone else’s.

snuggles1It’s an indoor kind of a Saturday here in Minnesota. With lots of thunder and lightning, we’ve been seeing tons of rain and dark, cloudy skies. It reminds me of winter – especially indoors because Ira keeps the house so cold with air conditioning and with outdoor temps of 90 plus, I’m inside wearing an oversized sweater and warm, cozy socks over tights. I look a sight no doubt.

Mister Melvin really enjoys when we’re all together like this. I think he lived so much of his life alone, that he really relishes family time. Springers are cuddlers by nature and he’s no exception. He still doesn’t like his photo taken and it’s not often when I can get one.

I groomed Chanel – my choice not hers. But she should be glad because I am much more patient and gentle than any groomer I bring her to. Not only did I save us a tidy amount of money, but she looks completely beautiful and I didn’t even have to leave the house to do it. Melvin kept a close eye on her and I and every time Chanel would make a sound, he’d come right over to make sure I wasn’t hurting his little big sister. I felt happy they’ve bonded like they have.

Tonight we’re doing Italian – going to a hole in the wall pizza place we haven’t been to in quite a while. We’re treating Papa John since he always pays when we go out. Later Amelia and I are watching some television together since we’re still going to be stuck indoors. Every weekend I tell myself that I’m going to sit out on the deck, but for one reason or another I never get the chance.

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