Baby Steps

My blog is back, and therefore so am I. I exist. On this minuscule piece of the Internet, I exist.

After being hacked (yet again) I really need to look for a different, more safe template or platform. I hate that I have to change my page because awful people do mean things.

Today at work I was swamped, but I managed to stop by the hospital gift shop to pick up a couple things for work. It feels so much better to give someone something and watch them smile than to actually get something for myself. Sometimes I get lucky and find the perfect thing. That was today and it really did feel good.

IMG_0864On this day, 39 years ago, I was with my family returning from Puerto Rico and driving through Memphis, Tennessee. It was an eerie feeling – radios had been playing Elvis songs throughout the day and the night before. People were actually on corners and in businesses crying. There was no where to go where you could escape the fact that Elvis Presley, the man known as “The King,” had unexpectedly died. It seemed the whole country was in shock.

I was already broken-hearted and this fact only made my misery worse. A heart broken twice in one week’s time. But looking back, and remembering how awful I felt, it would not be for many years that I would realize the full and disastrous results of my actions.

Years later, I married Ira and now the spiteful month of August has at least one good memory for me. I could say I beat it, but I didn’t. Perhaps saying I can live with it another day will have to be enough. Baby steps. Maybe someday I’ll get there.

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