about me

Shirliana Glassberg - blonde and drenched in pinkWeb/Graphics Designer.

I am also a wife to one, and a mom to several. A self-described computer geek, electronics nerd, and dreamer who loves my children, my husband, my animals, and laughter, music and photography.

Obsession: Pink.  Can’t get enough, and no such thing!

So I gotta know:
Are you too pure
to be pink?


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  • Hey stranger! Had a couple minutes before I left for work. Just letting you know that Chris and I broke free from her dads house and moved into an apartment in Carlton. Not the best but it’s so great. This is actually our first day here. I see (from your blog posts) that things are still sucking for you. Hang in there. Call me anytime if you need to talk. Love ya. *Bambi*

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  • I love you too, Bambi and things are not sucking so badly these days. Thanks for the note! Love to all! Muah!

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Too pure to be pink?
Coco Chanel
"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”
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