Who’s in? Who’s out?

The New York primary takes place today and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the results. I’ve never been any good at waiting.

That kind of a day.

Long day today. I stayed up too late switching out my winter and summer wardrobe and then once in bed I just couldn’t fall asleep. Totally paid for it today too.

In going through my clothes, I came upon my “Re-elect Gore in 2004” tee shirt. I remember wearing that shirt, still angry at the stolen election four years previous. Gore didn’t even run in 04, but I wore that shirt proudly and whenever I could and I’m surprised it looks as good as it does.

I was so mad about that 2000 election – I still am and it’s 16 years later! Interestingly enough we’re in the midst of another election year and I’ve never seen anything like it. Years ago people were so surprised when a hollywood star not only ran but won, I wonder what they would think about a reality star running and coming really close if not cinching the Republican Primary. He’s such a blow-hard and I can’t believe he’s made it as far as he has. His comments have offended so many people – no one is safe from his criticisms and he’s setting this country back so far and causing so much violence. I don’t know how anyone can vote for him.

Thinking about all this is what probably kept me up all night, now that I think about it!

Fun on a walk.

Fun on a walk.

I took a walk at work in the afternoon to clear my head and shake off the tired feeling I couldn’t escape. It was so beautiful! This is the kind of weather that makes me want to curl up outside somewhere and sleep under the moon and the stars, falling asleep to the sounds of a crackling fire or falling rain.

The breeze was soft and barely cool, brushing my face gently and reminding me of days gone by when I had all the time in the world with no place to be and no deadlines to meet. Who needed to wear a watch in those days? Not me!

I passed  little group of pine trees and I couldn’t resist straying from the path a little to stand in the middle and snap a few selfies and be silly and giggling to myself for a bit. There’s barely any time anymore to be googy and impulsive and not to care what anyone would think should they come by and see me. It was just that kind of a day and it felt good.



Spring is finally here!

Day two of convertible driving! I’m ecstatic to say the least. Minnesota doesn’t have that many of these kinds of days – remember – we suffer through winter a good nine months of the year. I’m going to have permanent convertible-hair; but don’t get me wrong – I’m totally cool with it.

Work has been so busy! It’s all good though because the time goes by quicker when you’re busy. I’m trying to get up and walk around more and now that it’s finally warming up, I can start my walks again. But you know, when I’m trying to find a solution to something or learn a new process, I tend to buckle down and stay like that for hours and that’s not good for me at all!

Mister Melvin is not only settling into our home life, he’s actually become a part of it. We’ve had him just over two months now and I love him dearly. When I look back at all the extra work he caused me and the cost of all the things he broke, I cringe, but then I look at him and smile because he’s been worth every single bit of it.

We got him groomed last month and once all his excess hair was gone, we could see the scars he has all over his body. Poor guy – when Doctor Ballinger saw them she knew right away what happened to him as she’s seen it many times before. She said he was left chained for hours on end and the chain became wrapped around his body and legs and when he pulled on it to get loose, he only tightened it more, causing the cuts and eventual scars.

I couldn’t help but cry when I saw them. So many, they resemble a roadmap – from head to tail and legs included. Oh – if I could have even five minutes with his former owners, what things I could tell them – mostly though how their toss away dog is our priceless treasure.

Amelia comes home this weekend. We haven’t seen her for a month – she had a horse riding competition one weekend, Easter the next and then she left for a week-long class trip to Washington. I can’t wait to see her!

We didn’t get what I wanted, but we got what we needed

It’s official. With all the paperwork completed and all the fees been paid, our boy is here to stay. Melvin, the shelter-rescued dog who was given up by his former owners is now known as Mister Melvin Daniel John Glassberg. He’s named after his two papas who we love so dearly – it seems like it would be a great name to have for a new life.

A complete family.

A complete family.

Before Mister Melvin I had my heart set on a Chinese Crested female dog. I did not expect to fall in love with a scruffy boy who caused more damage than I can take the time to recount to someone! But love is sometimes found in the oddest of places and I have to tell you we sure love him a lot!

Ira and I were talking about it one afternoon and he said to me, “We didn’t get what we wanted, but we sure got what we needed.” That truly does sum up our experience with the newest member of our family. Losing Mister snickers was heartbreaking and it doesn’t lessen our love for him or any other of our pets that have passed away. But it sure does make the missing more bearable.

Not just Cookie’s day

You know, March is always a hard month for me. I remember as a young adult searching for months for the gift that would dazzle my big sister because hers always thrilled me to no end. She always knew just the right thing I wanted – sometimes even before I did. I always tried to do the same.

But since August of 1985 all of that has changed with her leaving us like she did. Oh, I can’t tell you all the times I wished, begged even, that it wasn’t so and that some act of mine or someone else’s, changed things and she’d still be here today. It still brings me to tears, the mere thought of it.

And yet March still arrives every year of course and there’s no getting past it. It’s a cold month in every way possible and I hate it with all my being – but like a lot of things, no one would guess the pain this month gives me. I’m pretty good at hiding it.

This year is a little different though and I have something positive to look forward to on Cookie’s day. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s something and it means a lot to me. My new boss has a birthday the same day so I finally have someone else to concentrate on and it’s not just an empty, sad day.

Almost a year ago my boss of six years retired. I was going to resign as well because I was so positive I’d never find another working situation like I had. When I told this to my supervisor Wanda, she encouraged me to give it a chance and see what happened.

But Shelley was amazing – she never treated me badly and I’ve seen my share of that where I work. What were the chances of me getting that kind of a situation twice? We were more like partners – she respected my opinions and she valued my work and that meant a lot because she was so good at what she did. I felt so fortunate to be her assistant – and I learned a lot from her too. As a person – well she is one of the most loving and caring woman I’ve ever met, and she introduced me to the English Springer Spaniel Rescue Association – ESRA – the rescue organization where we found Mister Melvin.

Naturally I was pretty apprehensive about the person who replaced Shelley. We interviewed five people and I was a part of that process. There was only one person who I connected with and I made sure to express my opinion of that every single day – until the day came when it was announced that she was hired. Lucky, lucky me.

Sarah is wonderful and I can’t believe my good fortune. She’s smart and she’s resourceful and she really knows her stuff. She’s made a lot of improvements to our website and like me, she digs in and searches for solutions in an effort to solve problems before hiring outside help. She’s kind and loving, with two beautiful kids – their colorful artworks and photos are proudly displayed on her office walls. She’s down to earth and has an incredible personality. I would gladly be friends with her if I wasn’t her assistant.

So on the 10th, it’s Sarah’s birthday and for a while I’ve been trying to find the perfect gift for someone else I’ve come to love.

A good kind of fail

I am finally getting over being sick. And it’s not just me – Amelia and Ira have also just gotten over their bouts with the same viral flu that’s hit everyone around here. Whether it’s school or work – everyone is seeing lots of people out sick.

In the past month, we’ve adopted a new dog. He’s an English Springer Spaniel who’s named Mister Melvin. What a sweetheart, but what a bunch of trouble! He was supposed to be a foster, but of course we all fell in love with him and didn’t want to let him go. Because of that, we are what’s known as a “foster fail” — which isn’t the worse thing, but it does mean my plans of getting a Chinese Crested puppy have been postponed.

Mister Melvin has broken so many things in my house – some priceless because of sentimental value and others very expensive to replaces. He never does anything intentional – he’s just a big boy who’s very clumsy – and the fact that he’s never lived in a house doesn’t help either. So far everyone but Mr. B. Jun The Cat is glad he’s here to stay.

At least that’s something

This has been a tumultuous week for me – on so many levels.

So to start out – we were notified a few days ago that we’re getting our first foster dog. His name is Melvin, he’s not neutered, he has a broken tooth that has to be removed, and he spent all seven of his years in a heated garage before being surrendered to a shelter in North Dakota.  I bet he’s sweet – most animals are – in truth, it’s those of the human race that are not so sweet.

I did not get the payroll upgrade I was petitioning for at work. Aside from the money involved, it bothers me to no end that the work I do is not recognized like it should be. I’m still trying to get over that.

I am going to be a grandma again. That’s my good news of the week. Jeren and Lauren are expecting and due sometime in September. I can’t wait to see what we get this time. It’ll be pretty hard to beat my beautiful Brooklynn Marie!

That’s enough for now. I need to play with Chanel and try to prepare her for our soon to arrive guest. At least that’s something I have control over.

He was a good boy and we loved him.

Our home is so quiet these days. The number of residents are shrinking with every passing year. First it was Ira. He is gone from Sunday evening until Friday evening and of course Amelia goes away with him back to Rochester. For the past two years it’s just been Anabelle, Mister Snickers, Mr. B. Jun, Coco Chanel and myself.  Eighteen months ago Anabelle crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and just a week ago Mister Snickers followed. Putting him to sleep was so hard. For us our losses are as deep as the loss of a human and only a true pet lover would understand that. You’d think it would get easier, but it never does. He was a good boy and we loved him.

We decided to try fostering and are hoping this will satisfy our need for companionship without the sadness of having to say goodbye to an ailing pet. The first group we applied to was English Springer Spaniel Rescue Assoc. (ESRA). We had our home visit yesterday and between that and our application, we passed their process and are ready to start taking fosters for them. It’s sad, yet calming because it solidifies our losses, but gives us hope for the future. I’m hoping we don’t join the list of “foster failures,” meaning those who take on a foster, but cannot give him or her up, so they end up adopting it. In the meantime, we’re just waiting to see who we get.

Not in my corner

Img_1087-blogIra’s been driving over the road for nearly a year now. He loves it, but it means I’m home alone with Mister B. Jun, Mister Snickers and Coco Chanel five days out of the week. It gets lonely because none of them can actually *talk* to me or share their opinions about things I want to talk about. Then again, maybe that’s a good thing.

All day long I was thinking that tomorrow is Yasmina’s birthday – 35. I remember how pretty and perfect she was the first time I saw her – I thought my heart would burst with all the love it contained. But who would have ever guessed she would grow to hate me so fiercely! And the things she blames me for – this monster she has created in her mind – hell – I would hate me if the things she accuses me of were true!

I was reading this court report tonight and I was stunned to learn that Yas was stopped and fined in 2010 for having Scarlett in a car with no seat belt and no car seat in sight – I couldn’t help but think how ironic it is that she doesn’t trust her daughter to be safe in my care!

I have no idea how things got to this point, but one thing I am SO clear about is that Cookie would have put an end to it all, so long ago. Even my mother would have had to answer to her.

I’m not sure if I’m handling this all right, but even as I say that I have to remind myself that the ball has never been in my corner.

“You can die never being able to understand some one or some thing. Or you can put it in a box, seal it with a kiss and accept that some things were never meant to be.”
~ 2015, Shirliana Varod Gili Glassberg

I made a friend!

Me and my boyI found another reason to love the Internet. I mean, obviously I better love it since it entails about 80 percent of my job, but it’s importance in my life just doubled! I made a new friend and it looks like he’s a keeper.  Lets hope my quirkiness doesn’t dissuade him from making me his friend and being a keeper too.

I saw Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 last night. After such a long wait, I was dissapointed somewhat. I think I’m going to re-read the books and make the charactors come to life for me again – it was such a great series – and the movie wasn’t bad, but for me, it felt like  it lacked substance.

This is an errand day for me. I have a lot of little things to get done today. I’m going to pick up a router from Best Buy and see if my replacement glasses (the ones that were stolen) are ready to be picked up at Sears. I need to shop for a pair of shoes, buy some camis from the mall, and get some groceries.

It looks to be an okay day, depsite the grey and overcast day I’m seeing through the curtains. I am resolved not to let it affect me! After all, I made a new friend, and you can never have too many of those.




Too pure to be pink?
Coco Chanel
"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”
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