Love Story

I still remember my first time. Oh, he was really nice about it, but he knew less about the subject than I did, which wasn't all that much at the time. I can still remember the soft music playing in the background, and that I was as nervous as anyone could be.

As he drove the car to that spot we had been to many times before, I knew this time things would be different and we would be going all the way. I also knew our decision would forever change me. I had dreamed about it, knew other people who had done it, but never dreamed I would be one of them at that stage in my life. Yes, I was more than ready and he knew it. Part of me wanted to hurry and get it over with, but another part of me wanted that moment to last forever. To this day I remember every minute of it, never once regretted it and until that moment when the money actually changed hands did I know I would be addicted. I only wished it had happened sooner.

I was so excited I couldn't talk all the way home. The first thing I did was call all my friends and tell them every detail. They were amazed at my enthusiasm. An hour later, I was ready to try it out again. Only this time it was different. This time I was in charge... And I could experiment and try out all the things I had never even imagined. I will never forget that day - That day belonged to me! Me and my very own computer to do with whatever I wanted. The most unforgettable present I have ever gotten - a reward for going to college and making good grades.

I am now on my thirtieth computer, but I will never forget that day at the electronics store. Love at first sight - with my 286, 40 MB Explorer Headstart computer!

"Computers... some say you can't live without them... I say.. who would want to?"

Shirliana - 1997



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